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Welcome to my site.

I am Ayushi Mona, a jack of some trades and aspiring to be master of others. I have lived in half a dozen cities, read 3000+ books, run a book community, help brands drive awareness and purchases, host a podcast furthering the narrative of Indian Lit and enjoy teaching and research. My website is a home for facets of my life. 

Professionally, I am a Marketer who has previously worked in Product Management, Communications and Advocacy, most recently with the startup ecosystem and venture capital. 

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Broke Bibliophiles Bombay Chapter

I have been leading India's largest community-driven reading group since 2016 that hosts authors, readers and celebrates books.  With 120 general and themed book-related events under our belt, we have also hosted over 20 top authors partnering with Penguin, Hachette, Harper and more. 

My Skills, Areas of Expertise & Curiosity

Work: Professional & Freelance Associations

Wrote my first piece on SEO when I was 16. As a marketing professional, I have worked with leading brands across industries, consulted with early stage startups as part of my stint in the startup ecosystem, taught at leading educational institutions and done several interesting assignments spanning genres from editing to digital marketing to SEO to mentoring. Here is a snapshot of a few leading brands that I have been fortunate to be involved with.

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Black Diamond

Contact Me:

For Broke Bibliophiles, email me at

For India Booked, reach me at

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